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Backseat Driver

Added: October 17, 2022 | Runtime: 13:37 | 26,513 views

Jack and Andre pick up a hot, hung hitchhiker while on a road trip. The couple converses about what it would be like to seduce the hitchhiker, and how much Andrew would enjoy watching the hitchhiker fuck Jack. The hitchhiker overhears the conversation, and pulls out his meaty cock... and fun ensues.

Erotic “signaling” - The majority of us have an idea of how sex is “supposed to go” already built up in our minds. We expect things to go exactly how we want it to go. Often those scripts are built precisely because, underneath, we can feel vulnerable about initiating, fearing rejection, etc. It’s largely why guys want to know upfront “what we are into” when being approached on an app. This tactic is a way for us to experience the parameters of control necessary for us “let go” into the experience. What if, instead, we learned to feel confident and sexy in our own overtures. All species have a series of “signals” that let the other party know that we’re on the prowl for sex. Play with your own ways of inviting others into the pleasure of your body by experimenting with embodied ways of letting guys know that you are wanting it and ready for it.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
I always look forward to seeing videos with Jack and Andre. They just seem to work seamless together. Jack is the All American Boy next door that we all wanted to fuck when we were growing up. Andre is that beautiful man with lovely skin to contrast with Jack's pale flesh. Then adding a third guy to the mix is a nice change up from their usual pairing.
The guy in the middle is so lucky.
I'm glad that Jack and Andre seem to be developing their relationship across several videos, and this is seriously hot. :) I really appreciate this type of sexual candour.
What’s the name of the hitchhiker? He’s so hot
Can you post who the models are?
Davey Wavey
Peyton Key!
One of your hottest videos. Jack and Andre are so convincing as a hot , smoldering couple and having Peyton ignite the fire is perfect.

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