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Artemis - Himeros Backstage

Added: September 29, 2023 | Runtime: 01:01:31 | 509 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video release.
Recent Comments:
(I think like most other Himeros members?) I haven't commented on a Backstage before, but this had me really hooked. Lots of points. And (as usual) amazing openness from the panel on their very personal experiences (surely also deliberately modelling openness, not least - but not only - about sexuality? ). The themes from the Aretmis myth, including hunting, selfish lover and consent are rich, and do deserve more than one hour (even though, I think, this episode has a larger part than usual for the discussion points). Davey's point near the end about how gay history impacts relationships is food for thought. As was Finn's on what real consent was (eg knowing and agreeing the 'script', an actual script for the Artemis film, or the metaphorical 'script' for a hookup). And v interesting to hear a top's perspective.

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