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Around The Fire

Added: July 22, 2019 | Runtime: 11:33 | 10,557 views

Three generations of gay men come together - and cum together - for the sacred ritual of a circle jerk.

Video concept by Dr. Jallen Rix: http://doctorrix.com/ and Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

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Recent Comments:
Thank you very much for another strong and beautiful affirmation of the sexuality and sexiness of our community through a varied group of gay and queer men --by age, color, size, adornment, body type, etc. At the same time, i would love to see an even wider diversity of men in Himeros.tv videos, including all types of Asians, Natives, and brown men.
I love the variety of bodies and ages -- that makes it very real. Sexiness comes in a lot of different packages.
As an older man still desperately trying to find the courage to come out, this video shows how diverse our community is. Maybe I can be accepted for what I am--not young, not hot, not very knowledgeable in technique, but I have a great desire to be a part of this wonderful, loving, and--I hope--accepting group. A beautiful video.
Loved all of the diversity in this video (penis size, age, body type, body image, skin color). As cheesy as this sounds, we all cum and all are capable of sharing beautiful positive sexual desire and connection with each other regardless of our differences.
this is driving me crazy !!!! Thanks a Lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And while we are speaking of diveersity, did I miss it or was there not a single uncut man in this video?
This is amazing! I would love to see more like this.
@Richard725 because they are the minority in the US? Though I agree they are far more attractive to me as well...
“Keep cumming, it works” Why yes, I believe I will! Hot, hot, hot!!! My absolute favorite activity, masturbating!
Gratitude! I wanted to embrace them all. The single shot of the lighter hand on the dark man’s chest immediately post cum was for me quite intense, maybe cause no/little other non-self touching (protocol of a c j?). Gratitude!
Brad Amberheart
WHAT a beautiful gift it is, to see this video for the firs time in late April, close to Beltane (May Day, Rites of Spring). I love how ritualistic it is...with such a diversity of cum-spurting-excited MEN! THANK YOU, Dr. Jallen Rix, for bringing men together to jerk off so lusciously, and to you and Finn Deerhart for generating this concept...and to Davey, of course, for finally capturing such a sacred rite of passage on film. Yummm.
This is the best circle jerk I ever attended
Who is the hot, hairy daddy that cums first in this video? He is amazing, makes me cum every time I watch it, and is he in any other videos? Well done.
Mmm, amazing. Wish I could have been there hehe
So cool to masturbate together with another guys, especially if there are all types, generations, bodytypes. I remember as i let few mature gentlemen to teach me how to do edging.
I LOVED this video. I'm an old guy now (65), and of course, I enjoy watching young hard bodies at the peak of perfection do what they do. But I also really like seeing older guys like myself having fun, especially alongside younger guys who are non-judgmental about their elders. One of the best nights of my life was a night at the NY Jacks, when I was in my early 40s, in that gray area between young and old (although I thought I was old), and I spent the evening in a club full of hundreds of naked men jacking off together and enjoying each other's bodies. So much fun. Thanks for the memory.

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