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Anointing Of The Sick

Added: October 16, 2023 | Runtime: 16:21 | 16,566 views

In Christian tradition, the anointing of the sick dates back to apostolic times, becoming a recognized sacrament by the 8th or 9th centuries. It signifies strengthening and healing through oil anointing (James 5:14-15). While many associate it only with imminent death, it can be for anyone needing strength during illness. Similarly, in our Sacred Sex series, this symbolic act of using oil appears repeatedly. In a modern context, a young man seeks a masseur for lower back pain, where healing involves oil application, massage and sexual energy.

Video concept by the late Coach Nic: https://www.mindfulpleasurepractice.com

Recent Comments:
Looks great!
Wow, this looks great! As massage is a (my) very intimate way of communicating, I can't wait watching this.
What an amazing massage technique. The way he worked his muscles and tendons relieving the pain then the prostate massage further relieving tension and finally the ejaculation causing sexual tension and tightness followed by total body relaxation. I could use a massage like that.
That was so tender. The only thing more beautiful than the way they were looking into each other’s eyes at the end was Tomik instructing Drew to look into his eyes as he came. Wow!
I want that too! Where do I sign up for one? That was beautiful to watch and I am sure to experience!
Ah yes, Drew. He's so hot and the star of my most favored Himeros video. He's my eye candy here too. Tomik languishes over his body with finesse and care. My only real critique is that Tomik should have given more attention to nipple stimulation and while he was so close to Drew's face, given him tender kisses. Drew responds well to those.
How rare- a hot video without anal. How about doing something more realistic for a change- with a couple where the top doesn’t stay hard and the scene evolves into something hotter without anal
This will be the first time I've commented on the video BEFORE watching. Why? As per the intro, 'Annointing of the Sick' references extreme unction. So it's both sad and beautiful that the idea is from the multiply talented Coach Nic. [Pause. ] Now I'll watch it.
Having just submitted a comment before watching (to note and honor the late Coach Nic), I'm offering another comment before checking the Backstage - which may (or may not) reference the 'edges' this video finds in me. First, of course, both models are hot. That is important, but not for me the main thing. The Masseur (played by Tomik) stays in his masseur uniform (=costume). It seems the Client (Drew) has visited previously for sports massage. The Client reports sports-related pain, which the Masseur starts treating - which progresses to anal massage, the Masseur then offers to fuck the Client, which is declined but the Masseur supports the Client's jacking off. The 'edges' for me here are around consent. As a return client in the 'back story', maybe Drew's character's previous sports massages have been envisioned as ending in sex. But the scene as is jumps fast from treatment to sexual play (though, maybe the time window of the video of around 15 minutes precludes a more realistic timescale). I've had sports or Swedish massages that led to sex. I also give (paid) massages, mostly erotic, but I've a few guys ask for Swedish - usually for lower back or upper leg/gluteal pain - which have occasionally ended sexually, much like here. The 'edges' this episode found concern me both as receiver (was I fully agreeing to be fucked by the masseur?), or, from the other direction, were the clients I ended up being sexual with in full consent, having requested a Swedish for muscle aches. Well, they directed my hands and raised their arses, and when we fucked, took part gladly. But, as in the video, it wasn't agreed `at the start. My clients have returned, often (now) requesting the sexual elements. As a client, I've been ambivalent about re-booking that masseur, and we've not found a suitable time, despite his living close by. The hotness also raises (!) questions. Does the client (Drew) being hot make it more likely for a masseur to give an increasingly sexualised massage and then offer sex? And does the masseur being hot (ie played by a hot actor) make it ok for him to ask? Yet again, Himeros going beyond usual porn. Thanks. (And Rest In Peace, Nic.)
Love the human authenticity of these interactions! While yes, someone could also want to proceed with anal after a hot gay massage, it is also fully possible and valid for them to decline, as the emotional connection in and of itself is always the most gratifying thing! <3

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