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Added: September 19, 2022 | Runtime: 13:29 | 16,398 views

Anima: The feminine part of a man’s personality. The part of a man’s psyche that is directed inward, in touch with the subconscious.

Man up. Be a real man. Boys don’t cry. These instructions have been encoded in our very flesh as young boys. We learn quite early to bury our more compassionate, feeling, and sensitive natures beneath layers of bodily postures, attitudes, and exaggerated personalities that emphasize and augment the characteristics that will win as approval as men. We create personas that dominate our lives, a mixture of fantasy and flesh, built overtop of our incredibly delicate vulnerabilities. We offer these personas to our sex partners, exchanging them in the form of pictures, and brute dialogues on dating apps. We fuck as if these personas are, indeed, who we are. The problem lies not in our personas, themselves. Truly, we may contain some of the very attributes of maleness that are highly prized: stature, strength, a stern ability to remain calm under pressure, a gruff exterior that is fun to desire. The real problem lies in what we are not allowing to be felt within our depths--the characteristics that might reveal our fixed personas to be a charade, a bulwark against the delicate little boys that live within us.

In moderate scenarios, we conveniently project these characteristics onto women. They are more emotional. They are weaker and unpredictable. They are icky, possessing strange genitalia. We divide ourselves into men who are “gold stars,” men who have not sullied their gay identities with modest and curious exploration with women. In worst case scenarios, we project these qualities onto men who we wish to denigrate; they are shamed for being bottoms, having willowy frames, speaking in higher pitches. These projections are often desperate attempts for men to validate themselves and enroll others into a toxic game that favors their inadvertent, yet insidious, denial.

The spiritual experience of gender is one in which we collapse our notions of opposites, cradling our wounds in one hand and our treasures in the other. We never have to decide which hand to toss. If we dare, we may carry our polarity boldly, making space in our outward presentations for flexibility, fun, bending of gender expression when desired, and healing our relationships with the women in our lives and the archetypal woman inside our own psyches. Whether or not we admit it, she is always within us watching, waiting for the healing that is deserved by us all.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Very much a video less for entertainment than for reflection and contemplation. I didn't read the commentary before viewing, and I'm glad I didn't. As a result, the entire video was full of surprises. Penis and I enjoyed it very much throughout. I kept wondering about the silent figure in the background, supposing that he would participate at some point. Thus I found the ending disarming, which is exactly what, I suppose, was intended. Masturbatory fantasies are, in my experience, a great place to trot out the anima and other archetypes, letting them like animals emerge from a dark inner forest, then retreat, leaving us strangely satisfied for having acknowledged parts of us that ache to be expressed rather than be repressed.
AHHH so unique and well crafted. A very masculine man is dominated by a seemingly weaker, less robust, much paler younger dude. Subjected to arousal by him. A mysterious figure in a hoodie peering at all this from the side. Who is that? Suddenly a plot twist. As young dude allows another dude to continue the sexual domination replacing him. All this is in the mind of our victim as he pleasures himself in real time to the mental images he creates, all the while the mysterious figure remains in their vigil, an avid observer. Our victim is confronting stereotypes of being masculine over feminine. Allowing himself to be less than male but still aroused. At last an unexpected revelation to whom the observer is. The hoodie comes off. It is a woman. She is always within us watching, waiting for the healing that is deserved by us all. Tremendous plot twist, Davey. I was beginning to think perhaps you were making an uncredited cameo.
As always you have some of the most creative and imaginative work out there . A hearty bravo to everyone involved!
A fascinating story that perfectly expresses the concept. A+!
As @Oldrreader observes, “The hoodie comes off. It is a woman…Tremendous plot twist” but women, straight as well as lesbian, are big fans and massive consumers of men having sex with men (not necessarily gay) and with good reason - it is the most amazing, profound, beautiful and emotional communication that two human beings can share.

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