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Ancestral Echoes

Added: February 5, 2024 | Runtime: 16:23 | 26,564 views

Two men stumble upon a mysterious object of unknown origin while hiking. They’re curious enough about their new find to bring it home, thinking it might make an interesting conversation piece, but they find themselves in the throes of passion before they can even get their sweaty shorts off. The object is tossed aside and basically forgotten, but much to their surprise…

A portal into the ancient past is opened during their hot, sweaty sex. Not realizing how the artifact is influencing their connection, the sex between the men becomes increasingly primal. Grunts and groans take over, as they access something deep within their DNA. The truth is, queer people have always existed - and though often erased or forgotten by history - their echoes are alive in the sex that we have today.

This work of mind-altering erotic fiction, conceived by Brad Amberheart (https://www.bradamberheart.com), presents a new possibility: That our wild, joyous sex can—and will—transport us beyond our so-called “ordinary” reality and deep into the memory banks of our blood, our bones and our ancestral DNA. Call it a fantasy, call it fiction… but most importantly, call it pig-squealing FUN!

Where does your primal lust take you?

Filmed at The Jungle Gayborhood in Costa Rica.

Recent Comments:
Cody and Leander really get into this. Their physiques, the flashback moments and their guttural sounds are more than sex sounds they are part of the story. Steamy, pump up the volume.
For ME--the JURY is still out on this one! Leander--was too " non- authentic" ....I disagree - with WALKER (above) those guttural sounds -seemed forced and unreal (a performance). Unlike the other Himeros videos- this one seemed contrived and like any other male erotic video.
Agree with Walker. Amazing,, powerful, raw,. Super sexy. Cody and Leander are terrific, authenticity clear in how they look at the very end
i think the guttural sounds are pushing it a little. i get their both enjoying it.
We know these men to be very versatile. Why aren’t they flip fucking? TLDR; more flip fucking, please
Love both these guys so much. Such a great scene. Will be rewatching...and rewatching. Thank you!
Cody is tremendously 🥵 HOT!
I agree with planetfrank
Thanks again to Brad Amberheart for a creative entree into the power of sex. I get it that some want to see more flip-fucking, or maybe more or less of something else, but my money is on the spontaneous releasing of animal energy. Too much sex, including but not limited to man-to-man sex, is way too domesticated. I love gentle, romantic, loving sex, but that doesn't preclude some wildness that layers of civilization have covered up.
I agree with bright_eyez, above. Good scene but abit to much guttural sounds. A little is uk.
I thought the guttural sounds added excitement. It is true that forced sounds can often detract from quality and I have seen plenty of that with many other studios, but this felt very different and authentically lusty to me. I could imagine a few other things they could have done, but isn't that why we have fantasy so our mind can take us just a little further than the images captured on film. PS it is easy to be critical, but it is more fun to be positive, and if you don't like something, simply click on another library item. I am certain the folks working to create this material work very hard on it.
Leander is sexy when he grunts, giving into his carnal urges. And Cody -- bro, you can really shoot ropes! Wish I could partake in a threesome with these two!

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