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Are you ready to have better sex, experience amazing orgasms and watch high definition erotic videos unlike anything you've ever seen?

Created by Davey Wavey, Himeros.tv is so much more than porn.

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Himeros.tv is a place where your desires are celebrated. It’s a place where sex between men is joyful. It’s a place where experimentation is encouraged, and where more of the same isn’t an option. In short, Himeros.tv is your erotic playground of sex, intimacy and connections between men.
Most of us learn about gay sex from the porn we watch, but porn isn’t created to teach you about pleasure, connection or the power of your sexuality. We created Himeros.tv to enhance your experience of sex and sexuality through juicy erotic videos, co-created with a team of sex coaches and talented cinematographers.
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Each Monday, we upload a new, professionally filmed erotic video. And each week, join us for a live cam and chat wherein we discuss the video, our experiences practicing it and answer any questions that you might have.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to connect with a community of gay men who have the same interests as you.

All of this is exclusive to Himeros.tv and can only be accessed by joining today.

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"Himeros is a unique and creative site that goes beyond simply porn and offers gay men a range of erotic and artistic videos. They're both eye candy and instructional teaching us how to enlarge our sexual experiences and pleasure."
"It’s sensual porn with an educational component. An online “erotic playground” for gay men looking for new tricks to try in the bedroom. A safe space for blossoming homosexuals to see what gay sex is all about.""
"Himeros.tv looks like a porn site by design, but when a viewer digs around they will notice clear differences... The site also boasts how-to videos and offers performers entitlements like consent, fair pay, drug-free environments, and zero-pressure directing"